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 Dihau Productions – Toulouse – French – LABEL: Indie Pop Rock Ambiant


Author, composer, interpreter and multi-instrumentalist, ANSYL KEP studied  classical music and  jazz. Awarded a diploma in music theory and  saxophone at the Academy of Brussels, she completed her cursus at the academy of Ghent (flute, singing, piano) and by workclasses of jazz with Charles Loos (Harmony) Joe Lovano (saxophone) Richard Rousselet ( brass band) Alain Guelfi (guitar). Music teacher  for 25 years, ANSYL KEP accompanies also autistic persons on their musical journey. She creates and lead the musical method L’ Heure Musicale (31) and teach her pupils in Toulouse. Since 2013, overseen and coached by Dr Eduardo Minozzi Costa( USA, Arizona) Doctor of Musical Arts / Carnegie Hall Debut / 10x International Winner.  ANSYL pursues  master classes  to evolve in her musical  researches, in instrumental techniques and in her compositions and arrangements in particular for the directory of Brazilian and baroque classical music which she likes particularly. She will speak about this meeting with Eduardo Costa during an interview granted to Radio Up in 2014. And to resume one of her thoughts : “In music as in life, there are relations which reveal you to yourself “. Since 1979, she writes and plays for theater,  dance and  films, shares the scene with  musicians of many horizons and mixes   under the name DJ@+.   Having played with numerous bands (Export Vibrations, Slaptitude, Contrefaut, More Poison than Nice, Polyphonic Size, Powaga Sisters etc.) and recorded for several labels (Philips, Virgin), she started in 1997 her solo career with the band Red Ash for the label Back to the village Music. A that period the band included Dimitri Evers, bass, Stephane Rossewy and Sandro Costa, drums, Ben Van Camp and Rodriguez Funtuella, guitars, Marianne Standaert and Bart Maris trumpets, Mathias Laga, tenor saxophone, Peter Baert, piano, Eric Barayanka, b-vocal. I n 2009, settled down in France (Toulouse) she forms the group ANSYL KEP and the label DIHAU PRODUCTIONS to release her discography. Her first album (2009) MUSIC IN THE AIR, 13 original songs is an escapade for  multiple intrusions of styles and intense and committed texts.  It gives a groovy and electro sound which mixes a panel of sound nuances as a lounge radio trendy show. “Let’s call that Meet Music” dixit ANSYL . MUSIC IN THE AIR is  a tribute to all the musicians who inspired her.  Her way to  remind all “Radio Workers”, thanks to whom she has the precious chance to discover all kind of  music since her childhood.  Her second album (2014) TACHES DE SONS, let us discover 10 of her original French songs. A brand new trip in her soul and heart, where she delivers, questions, her feelings, her doubs, her emotions and a certain part of  intimacy. ANSYL  mother tongues were Polish, Russian, German and Yiddish. When she was a child, she has to learn fast French and Dutch,  two of the three national tongues of Belgium where she grew up. Learning french was the only way to integrate the Belgian community as all immigrants did.  Since she was a teenager, she learns English with musicians, in restaurants, nightclubs and all public places where she used to struggle for life and play music for passion. Writing in English and French stays always for her, a travel in the land of other’s  cultures. She did not refind her roots, lost in wars and History with a big H, as she says.  Since her childhood, she looked  forwards and  was already convinced that a human bean is not resumed to a national or whatever sort of identity or caracteristic.  Everyone is a world of combinations and abbilities.  Everyone is different but at the same time, on this point , we are all similar for and by nature.  Writing, composing, playing, filming became for Ansyl the   tools to link with the wild or tender, strange or evident, simple or  complexe, fair or unfair “Outside World”.  In  2016, DIHAU PRODUCTIONS and TIME CODE FILMS released a video  clip  published on YouTube, this about ” BRUXELLES NEW YORK CITY “, track 4 of ANSYL KEP’s album “TACHES DE SONS” available on the artist’s website.

The current  projects announce a concert tour and a live album.

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