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Author, composer, songwriter, singer and teacher, Ansyl studied classical music and jazz at the Royal Academy of Brussels. She went deeper into her studies with Charles Loos, Joe Lovano, Richard Rousselet, Alain Guelfi and Eduardo Minozzi Costa.

Since 1979, she writes and plays for bands, and theater, dance and audio-visual sector. She also mixes for the label DJ@+.

Multi-instrumentist, she recorded and played on stage with several bands of various styles and labels (Philips, Virgin). Her debut solo career started in 1997 with the group Red Ash and the Independent Label Back to the Village Music.

Living now in Toulouse, she creates and manages the teaching method « The Musical Hour » and the independent label DIHAU PRODUCTIONS.

She pursues her solo career with her new group ANSYL KEP.

Her first LP (2009) MUSIC IN THE AIR contains 13 original English songs, which offers a getaway of multiple trends to accompany deep and committed songs. The sound, groove-electro, mixes a panel of nuances and appears like a radio show. She composes in any style of music because it is the text that inspires the compositions. She calls her sound system «Meet Music», as the encounters and the fluidity of the exchanges between the different sound subjects became one of her priorities. This recording is especially a tribute to all the musicians and “Radio Workers” who have inspired her since childhood.

The second CD (2014) TACHES DE SONS counts 10 original French songs. It rolls out a journey of free expression, delivered to its raw state with its punches, sometimes through a distortion rock, sometimes through a smooth soul ride.

To watch the first video clip of the track “BRUXELLES NEW YORK CITY” :


See you soon for the tour and a NEW OPUS, recorded Live this time !