Dihau Productions

Dihau Productions


The Theatre de l’Impertinence and the musical label Back to the village Music constituted the cultural and artistic sections of the association Cultures et Arts au Pluriel, between 1988 and 2008. During those years, the association organizes and presents to the public plays, concerts, exhibitions, events in a frame of associative exchanges in Belgium and abroad. Since 2009, DIHAU PRODUCTIONS realize and promote the musical productions of the group ANSYL KEP. The actions of DIHAU PRODUCTIONS result on one hand from intentions of its founder members and on the other hand from exchanges realized within the artistic and cultural network.

DIHAU PRODUCTIONS finds its place within the wide world network of the Independent Labels. Its fondations are built on a total artistic freedom of expression, itself independent from any ideological, political influences or from any membership.

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