Dihau Productions


The “ Theatre de l’ Impertinence”, the label “Back to the village Music” constituted the cultural and artistic sections of the association “Cultures et Arts au Pluriel” in Belgium, between 1988 and 2008. During twenty years, the association organizes and presents to the public plays, concerts, exhibitions, events in a frame of associative exchanges in Belgium and abroad. In 2009, the Law association 1901 DIHAU PRODUCTIONS is born in France and takes back the general administration of the projects of Cultures and Arts in the Plural, of which that to realize and promote the musical productions of the group Ansyl Kep. The actions of DIHAU PRODUCTIONS result on one hand from intentions of its founder members and on the other hand from exchanges realized within the artistic and cultural associative network.

Been self-managing by stockholders’ equity, at the author’s own expense or by donations of the public, DIHAU PRODUCTIONS finds its place within the wide world network of the Independent Labels which propose their realizations to the public without benefiting from institutional subsidies or from the support of a Major company. It results from it a total artistic freedom of expression, of meetings and inter-associative relations, itself independent from any ideological, political, financial influence or from any membership. DIHAU PRODUCTIONS also take position by its place in the world system of networks. To present the release of the realizations of the label, the association worries to develop real links with the public, his associates and partners. It is not a question of developing some image to lead a virtual network according to buzzes caused by such or such visual or sound impact. It is a question before any developing a network of persons involved in the permanent questioning which puts a world and its diverse societies and to meet them in the real space of the life, even the everyday life. It is in this spirit that the production and the promotion of the association is articulated, rather in interaction with other structures which share this ambition to go to meet and to gather the actors of our societies, coming from any horizons and ages and before any involved on the ground. Internet is certainly a major tool which serves to launch the ideas on the Web, to procreate new societies and to carry them ceaselessly for the attention of the Internet users. However, and it is always good to remember it itself, meanwhile, in depth and simultaneously real worlds are also transformed and call our questionings, our reflections, our consciousness’s.  If we want to remain free, we have to consider the reality and virtual living in only one entity: the sphere of the species (including that of the humanity), of the fact whether it is, of what it is and of what it will become. To be alive on this sphere, it is to assume the share of responsibility so individual as collective. To express himself only or in an associative frame, it is to dare to speak to answer the governing bodies which think of our world such as often we do not think of it and almost still such as we do not live it. Then, that the word restores, takes itself, smoothly, in depth or in a shout of indignation no matter if the voice of the one or the other one, or both rises and makes listen the sound of the change, the image of the new world in perpetual process.

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